Novelty Search Request

Search Request Services and Fees

Each novelty search fee listed above includes the following:

  • Consultation with Kevin Weldon as needed;
  • Search at the US Patent Office by Kevin Weldon;
  • Search report by Kevin Weldon;
  • Copies of prior art references considered relevant to your invention idea;
  • Completion of the above in at least 6 business days.

Instructions for Mailing in Novelty Search Requests

Alternatively, inventors may request to have a novelty search for an invention by submitting payment and their invention disclosure to Kevin Weldon by mail. Please include your contact information and a detailed description of your invention along with proper payment, see above pricing. You may use the inventor's novelty search request form provided for your convenience by clicking on the Novelty Request Form link.

    Novelty Request Form

Please send the invention disclosure and a check (payable to Kevin Weldon) via UPS, FedEX or US Postal mail to the following address:

Kevin Weldon, Attorney at Law 
30 Timber Trail Drive
Greensburg, PA 15601


Simple Novelty Search

Novelty Search for invention having a simple design such as a baseball bat geometry, baby bottle grip shape, dinner fork geometry.


Standard Novelty Search

Novelty Search for Invention of average technical difficulty such as a dishwasher electrical control system, mechanical mechanism for positioning laser jet printer head, automobile exhaust systems, metallurgical process composition, medical equipment.


Difficult Novelty Search

Novelty Search for complex inventions such as an automobile anti-lock brake system wherein the three-dimensional scanning system brake system includes a combination of independent hydraulic actuating networks, hydraulic pressure sensors, electronic speed sensors, temperature sensors, anti-theft security brake locks,automatic emergency brake release and associated control algorithm.


Expedited Search Report

For an EXPEDITED Search Report, in three (3) business days or less, please include an additional $200.00 onto the fees set forth above.