"Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close
    they were to success when they gave up."

-Thomas A. Edison  

Have your New Invention/Product Idea Researched

by a Former U.S. Patent Examiner

Kevin Weldon has over 35 years experience in the Patent business, including research, prosecution, filing, licensing and litigation. Kevin Weldon has researched and worked on over 4,000 new invention ideas.


  • Research is performed by Kevin Weldon not an associate
  • A search report and copies of the prior art most relevant to your invention
  • For your convenience the text relevant to your invention is highlighted and marked in each copy
  • Researches US, CA, RU, JP, KR, DE, UK, AU, CN Patent Documents and European Patent Applications
  • Five (5) business days for delivery via email (copies in .pdf format)   

"You Should not Offer for Sale, Publish or improperly Disclose your Invention Idea to any other person prior to filing for a patent. If you do you will forfeit Potential Patent Rights."
-Kevin Weldon 

Satisfied Clients

"Mr. Weldon is the complete package in the invention-patenting-licensing business, he gave me invaluable legal and business advice after completing his research for prior art. He worked for a major corporation negotiating licenses for patented inventions. He has invaluable expertise about the patent process at the Patent Office and how an independent inventor should approach companies with a new product idea. He steered me away from the invention promotion scams, worked hard and earned his pay. I'm very satisfied."
-Mike T., Saltsburg, PA  

"Kevin gave me great advice after researching my invention idea. I would recommend him anytime over other business consultants I contacted. Kevin does the work himself and has been in the invention business for over 25 years. Very professional but not expensive. I feel like I owe him."
-Eric D., Ontario, Canada  

"Mr. Weldon, I appreciate the way you handled my patent application. By working with a Patent Examiner with knowledge in the same field as my invention, and researching my invention at the US Patent Office public search room, you were able to find the most closely related prior art technology within a few days. After reviewing the art I decided that I would apply for a patent and I was granted a U.S. Patent. The Examiner who granted my patent did not find any better prior art than you had found. Thank you!"
-Charles, B., Alabama, U.S.A.  

"Kevin found the most closely related prior art. Kevin also gave me good advice months later when I was in the process of drafting and filing my own patent application for myself."
-Sarah N., Altoona, PA 

"Many thanks to Kevin he saved me money and time by researching my invention and  showing me that it was patented over 50 years ago."
-Frank C., Alexandria VA

Novelty Search Request

A worldwide search to determine if your invention was invented by another person before you.


   Novelty Search Request Form

U.S. Patent Infringement Search Request

An infringement search is different from a standard novelty which basically only determines if your invention idea has already been disclosed to the public and is not eligible for a Patent. An infringement search is an exhaustive search to determine whether a new product infringes the claims of any unexpired U.S. Patents or any U.S. Patent Application Publications.


    Infringement Search Request Form